Healing Happens Series- Riding the Storm

Hola Amor!!

Thank you for hoping along and joining me in the “Healing Happens” series!

This series so dear to my heart and let me tell you why.

I remember being in such a dark place mentally over my time in college and wondering if I will make it out. I see that NOW, I am using so many of the tools that I learned in the past to help me in the present and to, I hope, help you.

My love, I hope that through this series, you are encouraged and further equipped to make it out of this storm strong. I hope that through this series, you begin to believe that healing DOES happen.

God has a purpose for all of this, and if you love Him, He has a promise that He will use all of this for good (Romans 8: 28).

Let’s do this together.

Con amor,