Healing WILL Happen

Hey boo!!

Wow queen. We really made it to the end of the Healing Happens Series. Thank you for walking with me and sticking through the series. It has been such a ride and a great honor to give you some hope and to share my story of struggling with insecurity and mental health issues. 

You know babe, I just want to end this series by saying this: Jesus really is about making healing happen. It always amazes me how much of His life on earth was about healing people physically AND spiritually. He helped people see (John 9), delivered people from demons (Matthew 8), and even helped lame people walk (John 5), but He was also always in the business of healing people spiritually, offering them eternal life, freedom from sin, and His Holy Spirit to empower new life and righteous living. 

My love, God is STILL working and is the same God today as He was yesterday. God is STILL healing people and making beautiful things out of ashes. 

To end this series today, I wanted to remind you and ingrain in your mind and heart that it won’t be like this forever. 

Amor, restoration will happen. What we don’t know is when or where or how, but we can hold still to this: Healing will happen. 

I am not sure if you know this, but Jesus is sometimes referred to as Emmanuel. Do you know what that means? Emmanuel means “God with us.” I want you to know this, that in this world, we will have trouble, but we have to remember that Jesus is with us in our troubles. 

Do you want to know one of the few verses that have always stuck with me? In the last book of the bible called Revelation, a man named John received a vision from God of a new heaven and earth. The Bible says: 

“He (Jesus) will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away (Revelation 21:4).” (Please read this chapter)

Mi amor, whether in your life time or when Jesus comes back, restoration and healing will happen. What we don’t know is when or where or how, but we can hold still to this: Healing will happen. Perhaps God will bring the healing you are looking for here on earth, or maybe it’ll be in heaven, but either way, things won’t be like this forever and I need you to hold on to that. I am writing this especially to the one who is suffering so much they feel like death is the only way to escape it. My love, I’ve been there, at the end of myself, and that is exactly where God met me. Beautiful things can come through your storm and healing will happen. Seek God, and He will give you the strength that you need. I promise.

So take heart, my love, and expect healing to happen. 

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to share my heart. You are amazing and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in your life. 

Con amor,

If this series has encouraged you, please write to me and let me know!! 

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