Dear Curly Girl, Are You Discouraged?

Hey curly girl! How are you girl?!

Here I am back with a NEW POST, and we’re doing something a little bit different. I am finally writing to talk to you about my curly hair journey!

Today love, I want to talk to the curly girls out there who are discouraged on their curly hair journeys. But before then, let me share with you about what being a curly girl means to me & the beginning of my journey.

I have been wearing my hair naturally for about four years. Growing up, my mother, sister, and I paid a visit to the hair salon weekly… and religiously. Becoming a curly girl was 100% not my intention, but my hair was so damaged, that the big chop was my only option.

I remember getting home that day and feeling this sense of empowerment. My curly hair actually made me feel more like… me.

Being a curly girl became a sort of activism toward beauty standards that said that straight and long hair was the most beautiful. When I cut off my hair, I felt like I was most myself and was empowered to love and appreciate more of the parts of me that didn’t fit other beauty standards. Wearing my hair curly reminds me of God as creator and creative, and reminds me to enjoy every other aspect of myself that God created.


But can I be honest? 4 years later and I’m beginning to feel the urge to do something different. Yes, I have definitely considered straightening it.

I think that after a really long time, and really hard times, with my hair, I have gotten to places of feeling tired and discouraged, and like I wanted a change.

A few weeks ago, I was considering it seriously. My hair was falling out like no tomorrow and I felt so discouraged and anxious. “It’s been 4 years and I still don’t know my hair” I thought. I wanted to give up.

But I didn’t. I didn’t because my curly hair meant more to me. I became determined to try something new, to learn my hair, what it likes and dislike, and continue to try. I can’t tell you how much time I spent on youtube amor, researching new things to try.

And so I tried new things. I bought a protein and conditioning mask that yupp, didn’t work. Then, once a week for three weeks, I did a diy aloe vera hair mask and I was definitely seeing less hair fallout. I invested in a scalp brush and skipped out on curly hair gels for the summer. When I once would simply put my products on, and walk out of the home, I spent time brushing products through my hair with a wet brush and finger coiled. When my scalp was really dirty, I used apple cider vinegar to clean my scalp.

I became intentional, more intentional than I have been for a while, and let me tell you girl, my hair was LOVING it. Truly.

What I learned about my hair:
1. My hair loves oils. I would add olive and avocado oil to my aloe vera masks and my hair truly flourished. And for a sealing oil, I began using castor oil.
2. Intentionality really does make a difference. When I took my time with my hair, it flourished. This was honestly a big lesson for me. That anything that I am intentional with has a greater opportunity to flourish.
3. My hair is different. It just is. Like all of us, our hair has it’s own personalities, it’s own likes and dislikes, and it will take some time to truly figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

So curly girl, don’t give up. Remember what your hair means to you. I am NOT saying that straightening is wrong, but I am saying that you shouldn’t give up on loving and caring for that fro your Abba gave you.

Write to me at about YOUR curly hair journey and your favorite products!

I also want to see YOUR curly hair, so go ahead and tag me in one of YOUR curly hair pics with the hashtag #Ilovemyhair.

Love you AND your hair 😉


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