Boundaries & Social Media

Hola hola mi amor!

How are you?! 

It’s Ashley and I’m finally back after a month off of social media this August, and the first thing that I wanted to do was tell you all about it. You ready? 

As a little reminder first, SHEISALLIN is really a space created for women who want to grow together and flourish in life & faith. I’m happy that we can walk together. Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts and experiences reading the blog in the comment section below (or via email)! Also, don’t forget to follow me on instagram @_sheisallin. 


Let me tell you. This actually wasn’t my first time taking a break off of social media, and neither was I 100% off of it throughout this last one (Only for SHEISALLIN purposes though! (Lord help me, haha)). But this time, despite my little mishaps, I was really, really blessed by it. 


Despite all of the positives that I see about social media, like being creative, promoting and supporting businesses, and catching up with loved ones, this break really allowed me to see some of the ways that it was negatively affecting my life. 

The first thing that I noticed was that, wow, social media took up A LOT of my time. As someone who desires to post regularly for the purposes of promoting SHEISALLIN and blessing people like yourself, I noticed coming back on it just how much time it really was taking. Getting to compare life before and after social media, my eye became much more keen in noticing how much time it is/ has been taking away from me. 

I don’t know about you, but I definitely found myself scrolling aimlessly. Hopping on my phone (which I am honestly still working on) was usually the first thing that I did in the morning. Later, I found myself scrolling through Insta and getting out of bed way later than I wanted to! Those were honestly minutes of my wonderful life, especially time in the morning that I wanted to spend with God, which always blesses me far more than my scroll time. This is definitely something that I found I wanted to cut back from. (Stick to the end for some practical boundaries I wanted to set)


During my break off of social media, I also noticed that after my time on these platforms, I was leaving feeling insecure and comparing my life to others so much so that I wasn’t really content with mine. 

Taking a little break made me more aware of the negative thoughts that I would have while on social media and the areas of insecurity that I really needed to work on. I don’t know about you, but sometimes being on social media can make me super self conscious. “What are people thinking?” “I wonder if they are judging me,” I often found myself thinking. 

Taking my break helped me to work on those areas of insecurity, leading to healing and much more confidence. (You know love, I actually began going to counseling during this break, which really helped me to work through my thoughts and emotions even more so. I highly recommend this if you need it). Coming back on Instagram, I find myself more confident and less worried about what people are thinking. I’m wondering love, do you need some time to work through things in your heart? 


And finally, coming back from my month off in August, I noticed that I was more grateful and aware of what I do have and much more focused on God and the “things above.” (Colossians 3: 2) Sometimes, I found myself comparing my life, clothes, friends, & experiences to those of others. But taking my break, I was much more capable of taking in the moment and much more quick to count my blessings and not focus so much on what I am “lacking.” I noticed that having some time off, my heart also had more time to focus on God and His Word and truth. And what did this lead to? More happiness, peace, and confidence. Seriously!


My love, the point that I am trying to make is that while social media has its good, it’s important to be mindful of how it may be negatively affecting your life! Taking a little break from things can sometimes be just what we need to evaluate those affects. (This applies to many other things in life that would sometimes be wise to take a step back from, like shows, foods, hobbies, and sometimes even relationships) 

So I want to know… do you think you need to take a step back from social media? And what can you do to have a better experience on social media and have it work for your good?


Here are some good reasons to take a break/ set boundaries:

  1. If social media is taking away too much of your time and focus. Is it taking away the time you set for God? Is it not allowing you to meet certain goals? Do you need to set your priorities straight again?
  2. If you have some areas of healing that you need to work through and social media is really hindering that process. Take some time to pursue the healing you need! Talk to God, journal, and talk to a counselor if needed. (I am using Betterhelp online & highly recommend it!). 

My next steps for setting boundaries with social media: 

  1. Take breaks when needed! I am planning on doing 2 month-long breaks throughout the year to really catch up, process, and plan for the next few months. Creatives, this has been SO helpful for me. 
  2. Pick days to be on social media and days to be off. I am planning on posting every other day, and hop on insta those days to respond to comments and messages. Every other day I want to spend as much time off as possible to focus on the other important aspects of my life. 
  3. Hopping on AFTER my time with God in the mornings and hours before going to bed. I want to continue to set my heart right in the mornings and not let social media interfere with my rest! This boundary is really important to me <3. 

I believe that setting boundaries with social media can really be key to flourishing mentally, emotionally, and even in your relationship with God and others. I know that it has been for me! So tell me love, do you have any next steps? Please feel free to write below, email me at, or write to me on social media ☺️. 

See you next week!

Con amor,


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