Remember Where You Came From- Malimba Masheke


Hola mis amores! How are you doing today in the midst of the coronavirus and everything else in the world? I hope you’re taking care of yourself and enjoying some more time to rest.

Today amor, I won’t be writing to you, but my friend Malimba will! He and I grew close over my time abroad in Denmark, and I am so excited to have another voice, another writer, share what’s been on his heart.

So I hope you enjoy it!

Con amor,


Victoria Falls, Zambia

Hey guys,

So this time around, there is an unfamiliar face here. Well, my names Malimba. I’m a 21 year old university student and a published author. I currently live in Denmark, but I was born and raised in Zambia. Ashley is one of my new friends here in Copenhagen!

My country is such a beautiful place with the most beautiful people. I would never trade it for anything in the world. However, it is a developing country with limited opportunities. You literally have to grab each opportunity with both hands because the chances of you getting one are so slim.

I was raised by a single mother who had to work twice as hard to help me and my two little brothers get to where we are. 

We already had to work twice as hard to achieve certain things coming from a country that is still a work in progress, and we had to work even harder because we only had one person taking care of all of us.  

It was hard sometimes, most times actually, but we always got somewhere eventually! I had to wait so long for certain things to happen in my life and work so hard amidst all the waiting. But, I continued to hold onto the promises of God for me. 

In a situation like that, all we had were our dreams. If we had to be realistic about everything, we would probably be struggling to get by, so we had to aim high.

So a year ago, I moved to Denmark, a country that is much more developed and has so many opportunities. It’s like a dream for a lot of people going through situations that they did not choose to be in. 

But what happened when I moved here? I got comfortable. I found myself taking for granted the fact that I worked so hard to get to where I was, and I stopped valuing it as much. I found that there were easier ways to get by rather than continuing to aim high. In Denmark, I decided to take the easy route in things, forgetting the things I planned to do when I got here.

But one day, as I sat in my room, I realized that I needed a change. I needed to remember why I came here in the first place; to remember what God said about my life before he brought me here. 

I had to remember to focus on the end goal and not where I am now; to focus on the long term goal and not the short term pleasure. I also found that I had to remember that there were certain things that were seen as unnecessary to have when I was in Zambia because I used to be more careful with the limited resources I had. When I tell you that this moment was a defining one in my life, I mean exactly that.

So what am I telling yall? Never, ever forget where you came from, and don’t forget your dreams when you get a quarter way there. Keep the faith and the discipline that you had when your story was just beginning.

Much love, 


Malimba Masheke

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