Travel Blog #6: Kakum, Maumlee, & the Lion King

07. 24. 2019

Hello everyone! 

Ashley here again, and ready to give you another update on my week here in Kasoa, Ghana. I thought that I’d be sending one last one, but that would be next week’s post! So, let’s get right into it! 

This week, I wanted to talk to you about my recent experiences at my internship and on our team adventures around the neighborhood. 

But beep, beep, beep (imagine a car going in reverse), before I get into it, I completely forgot to tell you about our hike at Kakum National Park in the previous update! *face palm*. I am not sure how I could forget telling you about our walk on a canopy walkway that was way, way, way high. It was breathtaking. My legs shook like the temperature was below freezing, but it was such a sunny and beautiful day, and perfect weather for a hike and canopy walk. Afterward, we had lunch together as a family, and headed back home to Kasoa. 

This week at our internship, we spent a lot more time helping out Padmore, our supervisor, in getting work done with CLED. This included helping him out with fixing up the CLED blog and continuing to work with children on their career development planning/ packages. Padmore and the rest of us volunteers/ interns also took off to a school nearby to collect some data from students who are deaf and a part of a small group in their school. They were hilarious, taught me sign language (please don’t ask me what I know, haha), and got so excited to take selfies! 

Moving on, going to classes this week made me feel many bittersweet feelings. We had our final Twi lesson with Becky, and our final class with Brittni. With Becky, we got to review all that we’ve learned, including a song I cannot wait to sing to you when I get back. Brittni reviewed with us the topic of colonization/ decolonization in Ghana, and ways to answer the question “How was Ghana”? We talked a lot about narratives and wise ways to approach the question in a way that is honorable, and other ways to support the people we’ve been working with when we get back home. 

Our team really got to bond this past week also. A few nights ago, all of the ladies and I went to get manicures done with a woman named Patience, who owns a salon down the strip of where our hotel is. We sat and enjoyed 3 Cedi manicures, which is the same as around $0.58 in the U.S. Yes, I painted my nails bright pink, and I loved it. 

Our team and I also got to have a special night this last Saturday (07.20.19) when we went out to the mall to have some Chicken Shawarmas (so good), and see the Lion King. It was SUCH a good movie. My roommate and I can’t get over Beyonce and Donald Glover in “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” It’s such a good song, and I definitely downloaded the entire album. There were so many moments where the movie became a sing along for the audience. It was amazing.

This week, we were also given the opportunity to be led through an activity with Maumelee, who is the supervisor for those on the Public Health Internship team. For a few years, Maumelee has been building her own business in creating and selling products like cleaning detergents, liquid soaps, body lotion, and other beauty products. As an entrepreneur, she wanted to give back to her community by giving people the opportunity to learn from her, for free, the basics on how to create the same products. She is really a woman who blows my mind. 

Maumelee is also a woman with a lot of connections here in Ghana. She introduced me to Sandra, actually, who created for me an African-print, custom made dress, and who made other clothing for my team. We have our final presentations tomorrow, actually, (07.25.2019) and I am so excited to wear it! In next week’s update, you’ll definitely be receiving photos of it.  

So that’s all for this week! We’re wrapping up over here as we’re in the final days. The last few days, I’ve been very busy preparing for our final presentations, which I decided to share a poem for. In next week’s update, I’ll also be sharing with you how it went! 

Con amor,


Some photos from this week!

Views from Kakum

Just because Phyllis is awesome 

Training with Maumelee

Some good food from our go-to restaurant, Black & White (Chicken, Fried Rice, Shitto, Plantains, Salad)

Lion King!

Just some Rosie Appreciation

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