Dorm Room: Decorating and Shopping!

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Hello my lovelies! How are you all doing today?

Today I wanted to write to you some quick dorm room must-haves and saving tips that may be helpful for you in your shopping and decorating!

Before you start reading, however, go watch a tour of my dorm room at SHEISALLIN Ministries on YouTube where you can see for yourself my simple dorm room style and must-haves. 

In that video, I gave a quick little view of my living space, but there are some gems in my room that really make it mine

So here are some personal must-haves for me:

  1. Items that bring joy, encouragement, and sweet memories: all around my room are sweet notes and gifts given to me by the people that I love that provide encouragement every day! In addition to these lovely things are books that bring me joy, souvenirs from my travels, and (which I will be putting up soon) photos of the people that I love. 
  2. Messages that speak to your values: I have posters on my wall like “Let your faith be bigger than your fear” and “Pray more, worry less” that speak to who I am and my value of faith over fear. Surround yourself with positive encouragement, and let it feed your spirit everyday!
  3. What brings you life: Plants! Plants just bring LIFE to my room! When the days get long, and the sun goes down, my plants remind me of the beauty of nature, simplicity, and LIFE. (They also serve as a reminder that as my plants need me to survive, so do I need God every single day.)
  4. Kitchenware! Teapots, tea, coffee maker. Ya’ll, I LOVE me some tea. Period. 
  5. Snacks and Utensils: It’s important to me to always have around healthy and tasty snacks that both nourish my body well, and that I enjoy like chocolate and Larabars lol! Utensils are always just useful to have for moments when needed, and I keep mason jars to save snacks from the dining halls. #save!
  6. Whatever you need to keep you focused: Next to my bed, I have a list of my commitments for this season of my life, that I may always be reminded of my commitments and priorities. Trust me, ya’ll, it makes a really big difference.

Saving Tips: 

So loves, I know that shopping for your dorm room can get really pricey, really fast, but I have found some ways to save when doing so! Here are some tips below.

    1. Buy items on sale: I have found that the back-to-school season has the best sales, but watch out for peaks of supplies throughout the semester/ year!  
    2. Use old items! Take what you have had from home/ previous rooms and find ways to incorporate it into your room if it fits your style!
    3. Thrift and DIY! Make and create! A lot of the things in my room are thrifted/ created by myself! It is fun AND (relatively) inexpensive.

So there you go friends! I hope that you enjoyed my tour and find this blog post helpful! Please comment below any way that this has blessed you or anything you’d like to share with your community!




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