Surviving College: Being Authentically YOU in your Supply Shopping

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Hola Mis Amores!

This is Ashley here, again, and I am SO excited to be releasing this brand new “Surviving College” series! I am currently a third year student at Smith College, so much of my advice will come from things that I have learned along the way and things that I thought I could have done better (and also things that I have researched).

In this blog, we’re going to talk about my FAVORITE ACTIVITY EVER: School Supply Shopping!

Ya’ll, I can remember the many times this time of the year came around. I can remember going to Target with my momma, grabbing the empty shopping cart with one hand (at all ages), and getting butterflies thinking about how full it’ll be by the time that we check out!

There was something about preparing for a brand new season that made me so excited.

So here we are, doing it ALL over again, and my hope is that the information following this intro will better help you in preparing for this brand new season/ school year. Love you!


SO my loves, in this blog, I will be listing for you my top must-haves, some options for your usage of them, and end with some tips for saving money!

Top Must-Haves for Me!

There are some supplies that absolutely cannot live without. You ready?

  1. Binders (1 inch or 1.5 inch) and packs of college ruled loose leaf sheets
  2. Notebooks (Spiral 1 Subject Notebooks)
  3. Pens (Ink and Classic Ballpoint pens, of ALL colors)
  4. Pencils (0.5 Led, and #2 Pencils)
  6. Index Cards
  7. Other Desk Supplies like a stapler, a hole puncher, a pencil sharpener, paper clips, and tape)
  8. Water-bottle
  9. A Planner that meets your needs

A Note on Shopping for Supplies

OH lovelies, I cannot tell you how wild it was for me to reflect on how much my use and choice of shopping for school supplies changed over the last two years! But I truly believe that these changes reflected a lot about who I was at the moment, like my values and my style.

In my YouTube video,  I explained a lot more about the different options that you could have regarding your choice and use of school supplies!

6 Quick Tips on Saving Money for School Supplies!

Elaboration on these tips are ALSO available on SHEISALLIN Ministries’ Youtube Channel! I hope that you can enjoy those elaborations there!

  1. Set a budget and have a shopping list BEFORE doing your shopping
  2. Use what you already have at home
  3. Go and DIY to make your supplies your own
  4. PRICE MATCH and use Promos and Coupons
  5. Go to the Dollar Store and Thrift Shop!
  6. DON’T compromise on what you love!


I hope that these tips and tricks are helpful for you love, but before you go, I want to share with you one last tip! I encourage you to BE YOU in your school supply shopping. Buy stickers that speak to your style, or pens that make you happy when you touch you page! These supplies will be used by you over the next YEAR, so make sure that you enjoy them as much as you use them.

Go ahead and watch my new video on SHEISALLIN Ministries on Youtube!

With Love,




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