SHEISALLIN: Are you all in with me?

Hola mi amor! Está bien? Are you well? 


This blog was born about 2 years ago, and at the time, only one person knew that this vision and blog even existed. Crazy, right? But, finally,  I get to share it with you! 

I wanted to give you all a bit of information on SHEISALLIN, what this ministry is all about, and how we got here in the first place! Come with me. 


Since the beginning of my walk with Jesus, I was constantly being blown away by the Lord’s goodness, and wanted to share what He was doing with the world. SHEISALLIN began when I began to I feel this great responsibility to share what I was learning.

God created me a storyteller, so I knew that sharing my story has the best way to honor God and give back. This ministry, this blog, was going to be my outlet. 

BUT, let me tell you all, it’s been a long time coming. It was a struggle to publicize my faith, to publicize my deepest emotions and my greatest weaknesses, to publicize my journey. But like in the biblical story of Jacob wrestling God, God always wins (Gen. 32:22-31).

Anyway, two years ago, I was given a vision, ya’ll. I have been praying and fasting on this vision, even while fighting it! But I decided I won’t fight it any longer! 

So here we go! Come and walk with me through this journey of life, through the bible, through navigating godly womanhood and college, through my prayers and thoughts in the form of journal entries, through my travels and more. 

Let’s do this together 💖

Con amor,


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