A Vision

My Heart for Us

To Walk Together. Faith is the heartbeat of SHEISALLIN and my life. On this blog, you will find posts specifically geared toward encouraging you spiritually. I hope that I can encourage flourishing in you spiritually by sharing how God is molding and shaping my life, making me strong, and anchoring me more and more in Him.

To Flourish together. I want nothing more, love, than to see you flourish in all areas of life. So along posts geared toward encouraging you spiritually, you will get to hear about what it has looked like for me to be “all in” in my relationships, confidence, and health.

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One of my biggest dreams for SHEISALLIN is that through this platform, I can create a space for a community of women seeking after God’s own heart to walk together. So please love, engage with me! Feel free always to send me an email at or comment in the comment section! Also, follow me on instagram @_sheisallin! Keep on on the lookout for different resources where we can engage together LIVE, like online bible studies and in-person meet ups.



Blog Posts


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goal for number of posts per month

As women, there is no better time than now to build community. How can you do that here?

  • Interact with me! Comment below on blog posts and let me know how it impacted you.
  • Follow me on instagram @_sheisallin.
  • Look out for resources like bible studies and other opportunities to join with me LIVE!

Recent Posts

  • Blessings Between the Pages
    Hola mi amor!    How are you today?  Today I wanted to write to the girl who is having a hard time getting in her bible. Whether it be a dry spell or feeling far from God, today I wanted to…
  • Boundaries & Social Media
    Hola hola mi amor! How are you?!  It’s Ashley and I’m finally back after a month off of social media this August, and the first thing that I wanted to do was tell you all about it. You ready?  As…
  • Flourishing Spiritually: Practicing Communication.
    Dear Daughter, It is 10:46pm, and I am thinking of you. I am not sure who you are, but I feel it so heavily on my heart to tell you today not to run away, but to communicate, in your…
  • Peace in the Not-Yet-Known: How God’s Sovereignty and Grace Gives Me Peace When Wanting to Discern His Will.
    Dear Daughters,   Hey girlllll. How are you?  It’s Ashley again, coming to you today with a word that has really been encouraging to me lately. This word is that we can fully trust and find peace in God’s sovereignty and…
  • From the Pursuit of Beauty to Health: Learning to Love my Body.
    Hola amor!  It always feels like it has been forever since I’ve uploaded a new post because I just love writing to you. I hope that you are at peace, joyful, and filled with love. Today, we’re getting vulnerable. You…
  • Called to Love & Standing Against Injustice
    June 2020. During the Black Lives Matter protests. Soon after the more recent publicized deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breona Taylor, and George Floyd. Dear Daughter,  Published on 6/12/2020, Written on June 6, 2020 Over and over again the last few…
  • Amor, You Can Let it Out: Learning to Lament.
    Lament: a passionate expression of grief or sorrow. It’s okay, love. You are allowed to express your sorrow. Yes love, it’s healthy to resist the urge to sprinkle comfort and praise in our prayer to cover what’s really going on….
  • Just Be- By Liz Herrera
      On July of 2019, I went to a missionary trip in Croatia to volunteer as a camp counselor. The camp is orchestrated for the children of the Roma population every year. On the second night of camp, I was having…
  • Affirmations- A Resource
    Hola mi amor! How are you beautiful? Girl, I have something for you, for us. i have been thinking about making this little list for you a little while ago but it is finally here! Have you ever been in…

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